Corporate Misconduct

As with the government, under present law and controlling court cases, Corporations can be sued for violating your civil and other rights.

We have presented summaries of just a few of our Corporate Misconduct cases below:

Reckless Harm by Corporations

In 2009, Justin Pope was shot and killed by a co-worker while they were off duty at a private security compound in Erbil, Iraq. The incident occurred when the shooter and other employees were drunk from a night of partying at the compound, which was technically prohibited, yet encouraged and perpetuated by company management. Their employer, DynCorp International, a private contractor with the U. S. Defense Department, immediately began a lying cover-up of the circumstances of Justin’s death. DynCorp told the family that Justin had been alone in his room and implied that he shot himself. An investigation by the U.S. Justice Department resulted in the conviction of the shooter, but not any justice in regards to Dyncorp’s role in perpetrating the pain they caused Justin’s family with its deception, cover-up and conspiracy to hide the truth.
In March 2012, our firm brought claims on behalf of Justin’s family against DynCorp and several employees seeking damages for severe emotional damage caused as a result of the cover-up and misrepresentations. As of September 2015, the Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgement is pending and trial is set for February 2016.
Click to read an in-depth article (PDF) regarding this case by Ryan Felton for the Detroit MetroTimes, published in May 2015: here

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