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Goodman Hurwitz & James, P.C. was founded in 2007 by civil rights attorneys Bill Goodman and Julie Hurwitz. The firm concentrates on representing victims of police misconduct, along with other areas of practice that emphasize social justice.

Our attorneys have been fighting against police brutality, wrongful convictions, prison abuse, and other governmental misconduct for decades. We have obtained large verdicts and settlements for our clients, but – most importantly – we have achieved a sense of justice for our clients and influenced changes in the law and in governmental practices.

Police Brutality

Police brutality is when law enforcement uses excessive use of force that violates a constitutional rights of an individua. Examples of police brutality are physical abuse, false arrest and false confession. Our counselors will guide you of all your rights and determine if there is case in which we can pursue a lawsuit.

Prison Brutality Violations

Prisoner abuse is when a prisoner are under arrest or incarcerated but are being mistreated. This may involve physical abuse, sexual abuse as well as torture. Under the eighth amendment, prison officials have a duty to ensure that prisoners are protected by refraining from using excessive force.

Discrimination Cases

Our attorneys handle discrimination cases where someone has been discriminated against on the basis of sex, race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or other protected status. We work for the individuals impacted by a discrimination and our attorneys will use your case to bring forth a lawsuit.

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