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If you or someone you know is in jail, you are still entitled to your constitutional rights. Today, one of the most common form of violations by enforcement officers are prison brutality violations. Prison brutality violations occurs when correctional officers violate the United States Constitution by using excessive force against prisoners. Correctional officers have been caught using violent acts such as physical restraints, chemical agents, and stun guns. Other common forms of violence behind the prison bars include inmates attacking each other and sexual assault by correctional officers or other prisoners.

The Eight Amendment forbids cruel and unusual punishment, which includes excessive force and guard brutality, in additional to dangerous conditions. 


Violent Assault

Prison guards are using more and more violent acts against inmates by beating, hitting, kicking or striking. Such excessive force violates the constitutional rights of these inmates. Exercise your rights by reaching out to one of our experienced attorneys who will guide you in this area.


Sexual Assault

Sexual assault has been far too common in the prison systems and we are here to protect your rights and your body from such acts. 


Denial of Medical Care

Inmates have the right to seek and receive proper medical treatment while in prison. However, as a form of punishment by correctional officers, prisoners may get denied proper care.



Overcrowding is a result of rising crime rates but due to inmates are being held in prison for longer durations. This results poor prison conditions. 


Death in Custody

Death in custody is another form of prison violations. This is due to suspected homicide by members of the police or other inmates typically resulting from physical abuse.  U.S. jails report deaths that total a mortality rate of 128 and prisons at 264 per 100,000.

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